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Accredited seminars for teachers are organized by Wikimedia Serbia within the educational program. This type of seminars represent the part of compulsory professional development of teachers that is prescribed in the Republic of Serbia by the Law on the basis of the education system. Through these seminars, teachers collect credits that are necessary for obtaining and renewing a license for teachers. Seminars are promoted and monitored by the Institute for the Improvement of education, founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. According to Serbian law, in 5 years each teacher needs to collect 120 points for compulsory professional development (24 points per year). Our seminar is one-day seminar, lasts 8 hours and has 8 points. Seminars are limited to 30 participants.

VMRS Seminar obuke nastavnika 2016 Surcin, 08.jpg

Our seminar is titled "Application of online wiki tools in teaching and learning". It is accredited by the Institute for Advancement of Education (State Institute for professional development of the teachers) for a period of three school years: 2018/2019, 2019/20 and 2020/2021. The aim of the seminar is to bring together free educational tools and platforms for learning and raising the competencies of teachers for their use in teaching. An accredited seminar organized by Wikimedia Serbia in the school years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 was called "Application of online wiki tools as a didactic tools in teaching and learning" and in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 was titled "Application of online Wiki encyclopaedia in Serbian language in teaching".

Our seminar "Application of online wiki tools in teaching and learning" is made for teachers of general and vocational subjects in High schools and secondary vocational schools as well as teachers of elementary schools.

The seminar lasts eight hours and is divided into a theoretical and practical part. During the theoretical part, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the following topics:

  • Basic principles of Viki projects
  • Examples of good practice of using Wikipedia in educational processes
  • Wiki tools
  • Application of Wikipedia and related Wiki-projects of free teaching knowledge

The practical part involves acquiring knowledge and developing skills for creating new or editing existing articles on Wikipedia.

More information on the seminar can be found in the catalog, under catalog number 440 (competence K2, priorities: 3). After the seminar, the participants receive a certificate of training and further support from Wikimedia Serbia for the realization in practice. The seminar is free of charge for all participants.

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Realized seminars

No. Date Place Number of participants Link
1 26/09/2015 Ribare, Jagodina, Primary school "Ljubiša Urošević" 30 Announcement
2 27/09/2015 Svilajnac, Primary school "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" 30 Announcement
3 3/10/2015 Belgrade, Third belgrade gymnasium 17 Announcement
4 10/10/2015 Belgrade, Third belgrade gymnasium 27 Announcement
5 16/01/2016 Belgrade, Mathematical Grammar School 18 Announcement
6 23/01/2016 Belgrade, Mathematical Grammar School 18 Announcement
7 12/03/2016 Pančevo, High School of Economics and Commerce "Paja Marganović" 30 Announcement
8 19/11/2016 Surčin, Primary school "Vuk Karadžić" 24 Announcement
9 10/12/2016 Stara Pazova, Gymnasium "Branko Radičević" 15 Announcement
10 24/12/2016 Belgrade, Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapy High School 25 Announcement
11 22/02/2017 Belgrade, Mathematical Grammar School 21 Announcement
12 04/03/2017 Belgrade, Primary school "Milan Đ. Milićević" 25 Announcement
13 25/03/2017 Pančevo, Electrotechnical School "Nikola Tesla" 28 Announcement
14 01/04/2017 Belgrade, Educational system "Ruđer Bošković" 28 Announcement
15 29/04/2017 Bečej, High School of Economics and Commerce in Bečej 24 Announcement
16 27/05/2017 Barajevo, Primary School "Knez Sima MArković" 25 Announcement
17 30/09/2017 Belgrade, Primary School "Jovan Sterija Popović" 21 Announcement
18 14/10/2017 Belgrade, Primary School "Jovan Sterija Popović" 23 Announcement
19 28/10/2017 Kragujevac, Primary School "Stanislav Sremčević" 15 Announcement
20 29/10/2017 Kragujevac, Primary School "Stanislav Sremčević" 18 Announcement
21 04/11/2017 Vranje, Faculty of Teaching, University of Niš 17 Announcement
22 03/03/2018 Kragujevac, Primary School "Moma Stanojlović" 17 Announcement
23 10/03/2018 Belgrade, Railway Technical School 22 Announcement
24 17/03/2018 Obrenovac, Primary School "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" 23 Announcement
25 31/03/2018 Donji Milanovac, Primary School "Vuk Karadžić" 27 Announcement
26 19/05/2018 Zrenjanin, Medical School 24 [ Announcement]
27 30/06/2018 Belgrade, Institute for contemporary learning 21 Announcement
28 29/9/2018 Belgrade, Institute for contemporary learning 20
29 6/10/2018 Belgrade, Institute for contemporary learning 15
30 1/12/2018 Belgrade, Gymnasium "Kreativno pero" 15
31 8/12/2018 Belgrade, Secondary School of Economics, Law, Administration and Tourism 11
32 22/12/2018 Niš, Primary school Stefan Nemanja 26
33 6/2/2019 Belgrade, Primary school Sava Šumanović 26

Please check each announcement for the exact details in Serbian. Photos from our seminars are availabe on Wikimedia Commons.



For any additional information, please contact us by email seminari@vikimedija.org or by the seminar coordinator's phone number +381607454771 (Nebojša Ratković).